Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"Sometimes I just don't understand human beings..." -C3PO, Star Wars

Sometimes I have a hard time wrapping my mind about humans. We were the last thing God created, the grand finale as it were... and yet, have you seen a sunset over the ocean? A sunrise over the mountains? Snow covered peaks against a brilliant blue sky? Lakes reflecting like mirrors? How can humans be so grand a thing when these and many more majestic creations exist?

I would like to say that we're the grand finale because we're actually conscious creations. We have a mind, a soul, and a spirit, unique from other creations. We also have opposable thumbs, but we're not the only ones, so that's not all that great  but sure helps when making tea and toast for breakfast. Last night, during a prayer meeting, I was just struck with my own inability to understand the idea that humans are so great. I mean, I know some pretty nice people and some very talented people, but as a whole, I'm looking for reason why God waited until the end to create us. He took a few days to make preparations for us on earth. He knew what we would need to survive and created those things first so that we wouldn't want for anything upon our creation. He knew we would need air to breathe, food and water, light and dark, and companionship.

Why would God create such a wonderful place for us when He knew we were going to do what we've done to it? Probably the same reason that parents give their children great gifts when they know the kid is going to just play with the box (I had some of the coolest spaceships with those boxes!). Love. I guess that's what it all comes down to: love. How many times in the Bible does it talk about God being love? How many times does Jesus show His perfect love to the people around him?

God is love. Perfect love. A love that never fails. So what's our problem? We miss it! We are surrounded by physical evidence of His love for us and yet we miss it on a regular basis! Look around you today and find the ways God has shown you His love today. Did you see something beautiful? Have you been hugged? Does someone love you and did something special to show it? Are you breathing?

Love. That's what it's all about.