Friday, August 22, 2008

Are You Really You?

My Grandma says
I've Daddy's nose.
Before I came
He'd two I s'pose?
She always adds,
"And what is more,
You've Mother's eyes"-
Did she have four?
They say I've got
My mouth and chin
From Grandma's husband:
He died before
I came, you see-
And must have willed
Them both to me!
I understand
About my hair,
For Daddy's head
Is kind of bare.
But what I'd like
To really know-
What puzzles me
And tried me so...
Is- Am I just
Some odds and ends,
Parts of my relatives
and friends?
Or do you think
That it can be
There's something left
That's really ME?

~ Shel Silverstein

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