Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Stalker of My Very Own

My Stalker

by Shanna Bryant

A Nonfiction Piece

Last Thursday I was walking from my car on Church to the Post Office. I noticed a rather creepy man walking toward me, I paid no real attention to him, as there are creepy people downtown quite often. I walked into the Post Office, got my mail and put my deposit together. When I walked out of the Post Office, he was standing with his back against the column, smoking a cig. Again, I noticed him but didn’t fret too much. “Creepy guy can’t walk and smoke at the same time” I thought to myself. I walked back across the street to the bank and up to the ATM. I felt him move to follow and looked back to confirm my suspicions. He was indeed walking in the same direction I was going. I stopped at the ATM and put in my deposit. I always stand very close to the screen because (1) no one else needs to know my business, and (2) the sun was glaring in the screen. I turned around and he was standing so close to me and gasped and stepped back. He didn’t say anything to me, just stared. I walked around him, practically ran to my car, and drove away (which probably was not wise because now he knows what I drive and as cute as the little Bug is, it’s not exactly stealthy).

Friday morning, we went through the same routine, although he gave me some space at the ATM and just stood back against the pillar and smoked (I cannot accurately describe how bad this man smells!).

Friday afternoon I met a friend for lunch at the Market downtown and he stood up in the balcony and watched us eat. He followed us halfway to our cars but stopped when I turned around and looked directly at him to let him know that I knew he was there. He then turned around and walked away. My friend's father is a policeman and when she stopped by the station later that day to say hello, she heard on his radio about a man of his description being arrested for “misbehaving with a civilian”. If it was him, he’s out. He walked by my office door today, but I didn’t see him downtown because I changed the time that I go in order to avoid him.

I cannot put into words how creepy this guy is! When I look into his eyes, I can see that he is unstable. His hair is buzz cut, but there are scabby bald spots where it looks like hair has been pulled out by force. He gives me a VERY bad vibe that I just can’t get past!

So yeah, I’m going to get some Mace.

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