Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Life tip #23

Do not pray and tell God that you are willing to go wherever and whenever He decides unless you REALLY mean it! I prayed on Monday night for God to direct me in any direction He chose, and Tuesday morning, that's just what He did. I woke up Tuesday morning knowing where I was going that night, and it wasn't a place I had ever been before. It wasn't to Africa (been there) or to some other far-away place. No. It was to the other side of town.

Me: "God, I'm willing to go in any direction You point. I'll will be still and wait for You to tell me where to go and then I will go there and do what You want me to do."

Him: "Go over there."

Me: "But I'll miss Bible study!"

Him: "Go over there."

Me: "Okay."

I'm no one important and I don't really know that much. But I do know a powerful and living God who desires nothing more than to have a relationship with me! He is perfect and loving and more than sufficient for every single person on this silly little planet and yet He wants me! Who am I? I'm no one really. The things I see in myself are pretty much crap unless God is at the center of them. The only good thing in me is Jesus.

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