Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Prayer Request

All three of you that read this on a semi-regular basis are people that I trust and know that if I ask for prayer, you will actually pray about it. So I'm asking.

It was recently brought to my attention that if I transfered out of the program that I'm in at school, Master's in Professional Counseling, I could transfer to the Seminary and get my Master's in Pastoral Counseling. Not only is this $100 cheaper per credit hour, I would be learn how to work with churches and Christians. Here's the rub, one that I just learned today. I would not get a license. If I remain in my current program, I will be licensed in the state of Virginia upon graduation and the passing of many many tests, internship hours, and residency. There are A LOT of hoops to jump through to become licensed in Virginia that do not look promising to me even a little bit. I hate hoops and I'm not a fan of jumping either.

However, I want a license. It's not that I want the piece of paper to hang on my wall, it's that if I am licensed, I will be able to help a much wider range of people. Granted, I might not get hired by a church, and I won't just be working with Christians, but how can I spend money and time in school and NOT get a license? It seems like a complete waste of time! But the thought of seminary was brought to me for a reason and... I don't know why.

I never thought I would say this (EVER!) but in this instance, seminary seems to be the easy way out. I'm not worried about the tensions of working in a church setting as a woman, I'm not worried about not knowing what to say to a fellow Christian. I am worried about NOT being able to help someone because I don't have that stupid piece of paper on my wall. I'm thinking about how I can best help the most people. I know Jesus didn't have a formal education, he didn't have pieces of paper on His walls declaring Him worthy, but He was God!! Since when did God need a piece of paper!?! Since never!!!

Anyway, I covet prayer as I try to discern what God's will is here. Why would He bring up seminary if He didn't want me to go? Does He want me to go? What about this desire to have a license? What can I do with a license that I can't do without one? Where can my gifts be best served? So many questions....

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