Thursday, April 16, 2009

definitions of God's transforming love

Beside each one, write your own definition and thoughts.

We call it mercy - it is God's forgiving love.
We call it fate - it is God's caring love.
We call it kindness - it is God's accepting love.
We call it death - it is God's proven love.
We call it the plan of God - it is God's perfect love.
We call it heaven - it is God's rewarding love.
We call it eternity - it is God's unending love.

My personal definition and thoughts:

We call it mercy - it is God's forgiving love.

With tears of love shining in His eyes, God looked down on His daughter and knew that she loved Him through her imperfects, through her faults. She fell to her knees and begged for forgiveness for her weaknesses. He scooped her up in His strong arms and held her close, knowing that she would always be His.

We call it fate - it is God's caring love.

"Look at my hands, at my feet, at my side" Jesus said. "Look how much I love you! If I didn't love you, you would have sustained these wounds, you would have died and not risen." She fells to her knees at the feet of her Lord and cried tears of joy for His life, thankfulness for His gift, love for His love.

We call it kindness - it is God's accepting love.

She tired everything for love, searched everywhere- even in the wrong places. All she wanted was to be loved and accepted, was that too much to ask? She didn't think so. She had jumped through every hoop imaginable. She had done things she never thought she would do. She had changed everything about herself multiple times in the search for acceptance. But it never lasted. Sooner or later, everyone let her down. She came to a crossroads, which path should she choose? She sat in the parking lot at Walmart, not sure if she was going to go in a buy a Bible or the 4 bottles of pills that she would go home and swallow. She had the radio on some random station, anything to drown out the noise of her own thoughts. She laid her head back on the head rest and said to the ceiling of the car "Someone stop me". She closed her eyes, hearing the DJ on the radio, hand going to the key to turn the car off and go inside. Music started to play, "A choice is set before you now." One line of a song stopped her hand. "living or dying, blessing or cursing" She cried.

A choice is set before you now
living or dying, blessing or cursing
You know, the time has come around
to turn from your fighting
and rest in his mercy

Choose life, that you might live
the life that He gives
He gives you forever
Choose life, the way that it's true
from the one who chose you
your father in Heaven
Choose life

Trust the Lord with all your heart
all of your soul and all of your being
Hold on, listen and obey
surrender your life into His keeping


And the weight you're under
will be lifted away
And the world will wonder
what happened here today
then you'll stand right here and say


(Choose Life by Big Tent Revival)

She went inside and bought a Bible, a journal, and a Bible study book.

We call it death - it is God's proven love.

He looked down from the cross and saw her. In indescribabe pain, He closed His eyes and saw her, saw everyone. Every person danced before His amazing eyes and He loved them all. He lifted His eyes towards Heaven and, in His pain, called out to His Father. The Father stared at His Son, waiting for His human heart to stop beating before letting the Son continue His work. Love and sorrow flowed through the air as His body was taken from the cross and placed in Joseph's tomb. Love brought tears to the eyes of His followers as they mourned Him. Love sparkled in the air like electricity when He rose!

We call it the plan of God - it is God's perfect love.

Why do we spend so much time worrying about what's going to happen next in our lives? Why do we plan so far into the future that by the time it actually rolls around, we've forgotten what we had planned? Women are really good at this. We love to plan things. We can see a total stranger across the room, like him, and in seconds, in our minds, build an entire life together. We can see the children, house, dog, and cat we would have together. Our imaginations can really fly when let loose. But why do we do this? Do we not realize that God's plan is better? Our plans are fueled with selfishness and greed, things WE want, people WE love, and a life WE want to have. But God's plans are fueled by a perfect, selfless love that wants to give us a hope and a future.

We call it heaven - it is God's rewarding love.

Where will you go when you die? Do you know? Do you care? I've met people who didn't know and were scared; people who knew and were scared; people who didn't care and felt nothing; people who knew and were secure in their knowledge, but should have been scared; and people who were secure and safe and right. It's easy to say, "yeah, I'm going to heaven", but why are you going there? Is it because of something you've done that was just so incredibly wonderful that God cannot possibly keep you out? Is it because you said a prayer when you were a kid and only think about it at Christmas and Easter? Or is it because of God's love that bathes you daily, showering you in His light? God wants that none should perish, His greatest desire is for us to know Him, I mean really know Him! But people will perish. It's a sad but true fact that people will die and go to Hell for all eternity because, even though God's desire was to save them, they did not let themselves be saved. Pride truly does go before the fall.

We call it eternity - it is God's unending love.

"How long is forever?" a little girl asked her grandfather. The man smiled at the innocence of his beloved granddaughter.

"Well" he began, pointing the far off blue mountain top just visible on the horizon. "You see that mountain way way out there?"

She squinted in the sunset, "Yeah, is it that far?"

"It's farther than that" he replied.

"How much farther?"

"Farther than we can see. What brought this on? Why are you thinking about forever things?"

"Well, in Sunday school this morning, Ms. B said that God will love me forever. I just wanted to know how long that was going to be."

He gently wrapped the little girl in his arms, "God will love you your whole life and then after you die, He will love you so much that He will want you to live with Him in Heaven."

The little girl sighed happily, "I like that."

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