Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I left my phone at home this morning. Not on purpose, mind you. But now I feel naked, unprepared, and unwilling to face the day outside the walls of my office. I know that people might want to text me, call me, whatever, and I know that there's nothing I can do about it. I can't get those messages or respond to them. I'm cut off. I'm so bothered by it that my left eye is starting to twitch.

What if something horrible happens to one of my friends and they can't reach me, they can't ask me for help because stupid me left my phone plugged into my wall?
What if I need one of them and I can't call them because all of their numbers are in my phone?
What if everything that could possibly go wrong actually does go wrong and I'm helpless in it?
What if I overreact?

Why don't we feel this out of sorts when we miss our daily time with God? Why aren't we bothered to no end that we feel so disconnected from God when we don't pray? Why do we place our communications with people above our communications with God? Our communication with God, and keeping those lines open, is far more important than anything we could possibly say to people or what those people could say to us. We don't feel panicked when we miss our time talking to God... why is that? Why don't we realize how important God is to us? Why don't we overreact?

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