Thursday, June 11, 2009

paragraph to Christy

You would think that learning to rest has to do with not doing things, but I'm learning the opposite is true. God is teaching me how to rest while life continues to happen around me. I dropped my classes, so that's just one thing I don't have to worry about. I didn't drop life. I still have my friends and all their drama. And God knew that I was going to have to deal with all their drama, all the house decisions, and the new church starting up so He let me cross classes off my list of stuff to do each week. Everything on my plate right now is either spiritual or life, not scholastic, which I like about it. When classes start in August, certain areas of life will either calm down, or I will take myself away from it to work on school. I'm okay with that. I'm enjoying the moments because I know God has ordered each one and I'm seeing that more and more as I go through this summer (even though it just started). I'm seeing how God has given me the friends I have so that I can deal with the day to day stress of my job. I'm seeing how God has allowed me the mentors and teachers that He has so that I can learn from them how to deal with my day to day stress. My boss might make me cry once a day for the rest of the summer, but God has ordained someone to come into my life to love me through that. Some day it might be you, some days it might be someone else, but every day is accounted for and every day is taken care of. God is able to do all these things and more with my life. My only limit on how much God can do with my life is how much I let Him work. I can't let Him fill my cup if my hand is covering the top.

Make sense?

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